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Successful Fly Fishing for Trout

Will Teach You To Catch Trout

in 60 Days or Less, Guaranteed

Dear Fly Fisherman,

Learning to fly fish and catch trout or other fish can be a frustrating
experience! Yet I have seen seven year old kids with only 3 hours of
instruction be able to roll cast and catch fish. Using the same fly fishing
techniques taught in “Successful Fly Fishing for Trout”.

My name is Marshall Estes. I have been fly fishing since 1969. When starting
out fly fishing, I had to teach myself by reading books and practicing a lot. It
was three years before I started catching trout consistently. As a fly fishing
enthusiast for 40 years, my goal is to shorten your fly fishing learning curve
to 60 days or less. So I’d like to share some of my trout fishing knowledge with
you in my free mini-course.

Successful Fly Fishing For Trout

In my free Mini-Course, you’ll learn about:

  1. The History of Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing Tackle
  2. Skills required for becoming an expert fly fisherman including the most
    important skill for long term success
  3. Fly Fishing Tackle Required
  4. How To Choose Fly Fishing Tackle
  5. Fly Casting – The major three casts to learn
  6. Understanding your prey and why it is important
  7. Stream Structure and Reading the Water
  8. Basic Stream Entomology
  9. Setting up your gear
  10. Nymph Fishing and Why You Should use it
  11. Dry Fly Fishing
  12. Bonus Tips to Improve Your Fly Fishing plus a Special Offer only
    available to students who finish the mini-course.