When I started fly fishing in 1969, there were few fly fishing instructors and guides were expensive. So I read a lot of books about fly fishing such as the classic “Trout” by Ray Bergman. “Trout” is still one of the best books on trout fishing available. “Tactics on Trout” by Ray Ovington, “Selective Trout” by Swisher and Richards,”Nymph Fishng for Larger Trout” by Joe Brooks and many others. I practiced my overhand casting until it was passable.

Yet no matter how I tried, I only caught one trout a year for my first 3 years using a fly rod. Finally in 1972, a friend introduced me to Frank Aubin the man who would turn my fly fishing career around in 15 minutes. (See First Trout) Within 15 minutes, Frank showed me what to do with the fly once it was in the water. This is the all important presentation to the trout. Frank also introduced me to the River Tension Cast which saved a lot of arm strain.

My goal with “Successful Fly Fishing for Trout” is to help beginners get started catching trout within 60 days of purchasing my book. To help intermediates start catching bigger fish and get them on the path to being trophy hunters. And to offer my knowledge at an affordable price.

Wishing you Great Fishing and Tight Lines

Marshall Estes, Publisher
“Successful Fly Fishing for Trout”