Fly Fishing DVD

A good fly-fishing magazine like "Fly Fisherman" or "Fly Fish America" is entertaining and provides helpful information to a fly fisherman. But fly fishing DVDs are more useful for learning about fly fishing. Since fly fishing is such a visual sport seeing how fly casting, reading water, hooking, playing, landing and humanly releasing a trout is done makes learning much easier. Several uses for dvds for both novice, intermediate and advanced anglers are:

  • Previewing fishing locations before you go there. Such a fly fishing DVD doesn’t have to be a professional one, they can be ones made by friends.
  • Instructional DVDs like Mel Krieger’s "The Essence of Fly Casting" or "Fly Casting Faults and Fixes" are broken down into individual steps. (Mel is the one who designed the Certified Casting Program for the Federation of Fly Fishers.) These types of instructional DVDs allow the fly fisherman to choose the areas where they need help most.
  • Other useful dvds include stream entomology, fly tying, fishing small streams or rod building
  • A good stash of fly fishing DVDs will help you fight cabin fever through the long winters between seasons

Learning fly fishing knots is one of the most difficult areas for beginners. A knot tying DVD can help make you an expert in the 3 or 4 basic knots required for most trout fishing in just a couple of days practice. ("Fishing Knots: Proven to Work for Light Tackle and Fly Fishing with DVD by Lefty Kreh"). Fly Fishing DVDs can also be used to teach specific fly fishing techniques such as Czech Nymphing, Upstream Nymphing, Dry Fly Fishing, Wet Fly-Fishing or how to match the hatch. Then there are a whole range of fly tying dvds if you wish to learn fly tying.

Other uses for DVDs are previewing streams or lakes when you are planning a fishing trip. Especially a major trip such as one to New Zealand, Patagonia or Argentina. Dry Fly Media produces stream dvds of Montana rivers which are used for stress reduction. Often fly fishing and camping go together. A camping dvd can provide useful information about new products or places to camp. Since many trout fishing locations are in beautiful mountain settings, many people will watch fly fishing dvds just for the scenery.

Many states and fishing lodges will send out promotional dvds which include fishing information. Also professional fishing guides may offer a fly fishing dvd about their services. Colorado sells an excellent dvd "Fly Fishing Colorado". Such fly fishing dvds make great gifts or anniversary presents for the angling spouse.

While fly fishing magazines or a fly fishing book are good tools, fly fishing dvds will help the fisherman to improve their casting, fishing tactics, entomology, fish spotting and other on stream skills quicker.

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