How to Improve Your Success Fly Fishing for Trout

How to Improve Your Success Fly Fishing for Trout

An easy way to improve your long term succes fly fishing for trout or any species is to keep a fly fishing journal or log. A log can be as simple as Mead 5 star 7 x 5 inch spiral binder with pockets. This is an inexpensive solution to keep track of my trips and the mileage for tax purposes.

Other journals are the leather bound zipper style from Nomad Journals which uses waterproof paper for pages, to theFishpond Southern Cross Fishing Journal  around $60 that features blind embossed leather journal cover, 162 pages of journal entries,16 custom photographs that illustrate the tradition of fishing, zippered, soft-sided protective nylon travel case with accessory pocket , seven-year calendar/trip planner with moon cycles and key holidays, when the Journal is full it may be removed from the cover and stored. The ultimate paper journal is the Orvis Fly Fishing Journal at $120. This journal is entirely leather bound, hand bound, features artist quality paper, slots for photos and more.

The long term advantage of using a journal is being able to go back and see what the flows, weather, hatches, flies that worked, number and species of fish caught and released, gps coordinates, good and/or bad memories of the trip, any other data to help you on future trips.

Electronic fly journals are a viable alternative to the paper ones. But I recommend you print them out and store in a binder on a regular basis. Electronics have a habit of going down at inconvenient times. Most electronic logs will allow the storage of photos of  fish or other memories of your trips, gps co-ordinates and more. Garmin makes some of the best and least expensive gps devices around. Including handheld ones that you can take to the stream to get your co-ordinates.

Fly Fishing apps for an iPhone are an up and coming niche. There are several out ther but the best I have found is the Orvis Fly Fishing iPhone App. This app includes basic fly casting, top ten fly casting mistakes and how to correct them, animated knots, field guide to top 100 trout flies, Orvis fishing reports and the Orvis fly fishing podcast for only $14.95 at time of the publication of this post. The Orvis app is certainly worth a look.

Tight Lines,

Marshall Estes, Author
“Successful Fly Fishing for Trout”