Fly Fishing Lesson

A fly fishing lesson is an excellent way to shorten your learning curve to catching trout. A beginner in fly fishing generally can not afford to pay for lessons or take guided fly fishing trips. Joining the Federation of Fly Fishers, Trout Unlimited or a local fly fishing club is one way to get free fly fishing lessons. Most fly fishing clubs have members with many years of fly fishing experience. Most members will share such knowledge if asked.

Attending a show such as the Denver Fly Fishing Show or the International Sportsman Exposition is one way to get some free fly casting instructions or fly fishing instructions. There are many professional and experienced fly fishermen at such shows who are willing to share some of their knowledge. You usually can find free seminars at such shows that will help advance your fly fishing knowledge.

Sometimes city recreation departments or local fly shops will offer free or low fee fly fishing classes. Check online for fly fishing lessons. Some fly fishing websites have good resources to help the beginner or intermediate fly fisherman advance their knowledge of fly fishing. Another excellent source of fly fishing knowledge is the Federation of Fly Fishers or a local chapter of the FFF. Most of these clubs have hundreds or thousands of hours of fishing experience among their members. Spend time at the local meeting making friends with most of the members. Ask for help with your fly fishing. It may take a couple of months, but the rewards of finding an expert fly fisherman to mentor you is worth it. If your mentor is a big trout fisherman, you will cut years off learning how to catch trophy fish. Another way to cut your learning curve is to take a fly fishing class from a licensed guide. Usually a licensed guide is a professional with many years of teaching and angling experience. Orvis Fly Fishing Schools feature Orvis endorsed guides as do many fly fishing shops. These are experienced pros who fly fish and teach it for a living.

Books such as “Successful Fly Fishing for Trout” and the bonus Pocket Guides about fly fishing offer many tips to become a successful fly fisherman. DVDs are another way to learn about fly fishing. There are DVDs available about fly casting, stream entomology, how to read the water to locate fish, how to match the hatch to choose the right fly, types of flies, nymph fishing, wet fly fishing, dry fly fishing, and fly tying. Then there are fly fishing games for the pc such as Real World Fly Fishing or Fly Sim. But I think Real World Fly Fishing is the most realistic plus offers the opportunity to learn about fly tying in the game too.

Online Fly Fishing Lessons is another way to learn about fly fishing. While not as good as being on stream or taking fly fishing classes with an guide or instructor, you can learn a lot about fly fishing from good videos. has some excellent videos on fly casting and fly fishing. But choose carefully as there are a lot of junk videos on there too.

Regardless of how you decide to learn about fly fishing, remember a fly fishing lesson or lessons will shorten your time to becoming an expert and will increase your enjoyment of the sport.

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