How to Save Money on Fly Fishing Tackle

How to Save Money on Fly Fishing Tackle

Saving money on your trout fishing tackle is not that hard to do. When starting out fly fishing for trout or any other fly fishing, you may not be sure that the sport is for you. There are basically four main alternatives for purchasing fly fishing tackle.

  • Purchase from a big box store. (Not recommended – generally they carry inferior merchandise and the personnel are not fly fishers.)
  • Go to a fly shop – Ok- If you keep them from selling you $1000 plus dollars of gear that is good gear but you may find fly fishing is not for you after all. Then you are stuck with trying to get your money out of the gear.
  • eBay – Lots of fly fishing tackle is sold on eBay. If you know what is good gear, you can find some real bargains there. (Make sure the seller offers a return policy you can live with.)
  • Buy from an online fly fishing store that carries gear with a lifetime warranty. This site also carries gear that is reasonably priced for the beginning trout fisherman. Just sign up on a secure server for an account in the store.

One good way to save money is to purchase a fly fishing combo also called a fly fishing outfit. These consist of a fly rod, fly reel, fly line with backing and a leader. Just attach a tippet and a fly and go fishing. A good fly fishing outfit can be purchased in the range of $140 through $300 depending on the brand.

For Example a 9 ft 5wt 4 pc trout fishing outfit for a beginner:

  1. Fish Creek Outfit – with a machined fly reel is $338
  2. Stone Creek Halcyon Outfit is $325
  3. Stone Creek Halcyon M60 Outfit is $295
  4. Orvis Clearwater II Outfit with either a 9.2 tipflex or a 7.5 midflex is $295
  5. Stone Creek Trout Stalker with disc drag reel, line, backing, leader and reel on rod carry case ONLY $149.

Any of the above are all good purchases. I own a Clearwater II 7.5 midflex. Having used it for 3 years, it is one of my favorite nymph fishing rods. Having cast the Clearwater II 9.5 tip flex, it has the power to cast big flies into the wind. Also having cast the Stone Creek Halcyon 9 ft 5 wt rod, I can say it too has a strong backbone for casting big flies. I have owned a Fish Creek 7.5 ft 4 wt rod for fishing small streams. After 3 years of using it, I can say Fish Creek is also a good brand. In contrast, other brands may run over $400 for a fly fishing combo.

How to purchase safely online.

  • Make sure the manufacturer has a good warranty and a return policy. Most rod manufacturers charge a fee to cover return shipping and insurance. As of Oct 2010, this ranges from $30 to $50.
  • Get a rechargeable Visa debit card. Activate it and load in only the amount of money necessary for the transaction. Use that card or a Visa gift card to purchase.
  • Only hand out personal and financial information on a secure server. Look for the HTTPS in the brower address bar and sometimes a gold lock too.
  • Deal with reputable payment processors such as PayPal, Authorize Net, 1shopping cart, 2CheckOut or similar processor.

Tight Lines,

Marshall Estes, Author
“Successful Fly Fishing for Trout”