Successful Fly Fishing Excerpts

Excerpts from “Successful Fly Fishing for Trout”

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 Pg 8 – The 4 P’s to Successful Fly Fishing For Trout

Preparation is getting a mindset to hunt for trout. This section has some tips on how to do this.
Practice is putting your knowledge to use. Mastering how to use the gear effectively. The ways to cast. Different Casts to use. — This section lists the different casts to use and the distance within which most trout are caught.
The other two P’s to Successful Trout Fishing are ….

Chapter 3 — How to choose a rod, reel and line and save money on gear

Chapter 7 Covers Effective Casting — The Five Essentials to Master for Effective Casting, How to hold the rod, Different Casting Stances to use and What Types of Casts to Master with Videos Ilustrating the casts.

Chapter 14 Fly Fishing Stream Safety Tactics — Being safe on the stream is an application of some simple common sense tactics.

Vol. 2 starts off with Successfully Locating Stream Trout, What Trout Need to Survive – Reading the stream and the different patterns streams have.

Advanced Stream Entomology, Types of Stream Casts, Presentation Casts, Advanced Casting Techniques, When to Change your fly, Types of flies to use, Setting up a Nymph Rig, Hooking and Fighting Big Fish and much more.

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